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  • Poorboys World White Diamond 473ml

    Poorboys World White Diamond 473ml

    Show glaze for light coloured vehicles 
    Hides swirl marks - High gloss & slick finish - Contains cleaners & fillers - Use in sun or shade - Use before wax or sealants - Safe for all vehicle finishes - Use on chrome and platings - Easy on easy off formula - Hand or machine use.

    Directions for use - By hand in the sun or shade pour a small amount on a cool surface or foam applicator. Spread and work one small section at a time until you see  shine begin to appear. Let white diamond haze and then use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to buff out to a brilliant glossy shine. 


    By Dual action machine polisher:
    Poorboys White Diamond Glaze should be applied using a Soft finishing pad. Apply 3-4 pea-sized drops of product for each panel, and these should be worked in thoroughly at around 3000-4000 orbits per minute (speed 3-4 on most dual action machine polishers) until only a thin film remains. After being allowed to haze over for up to 15 minutes, this film should then be buffed off.


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