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Chemical Guys Bare Bones Dark Shine 473ml

Chemical Guys Bare Bones Dark Shine 473ml

Bare Bones undercarriage spray restores a deep black sine to plastic, rubber and metal undercarriage parts, fender liners, wheel wells and suspension components. Undercarriage parts are constantly exposed to dirt, grime, water, road salt, and even uv sunlight. Road elements degrade, stain and fade black undercarriage parts making them look grey and white. Simply spray Bare Bones to restore a deep black appearance.

Directions for use - Clean dirt and debris from the undercarriage parts - Shake well - Spray bare bones directly onto the desired surface and allow to dry for 5 minutes - Severely neglected parts may require bare bones to be worked into the surface with a towel or applicator for best results - For desired look wipe off excess with an old cloth or rag to reduce any extra wet shine.


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